Personal Growth for Leaders

Being a successful leader is not defined by your position or role…

True leaderschip is about WHO YOU ARE!

My name is Christine Vanderpol

Christine Vanderpol

I have spent many years in leadership roles with various organizations, mostly in the educational sector.

Recently, I retired and am now focused on sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years. In the image, I am standing in the Italian town of Lucca before a labyrinth, which to me symbolizes the winding journey of personal development that we all must take in order to become better team players and good leaders.

It is a long and difficult road, but the rewards of reaching our goals through this journey make it worth traveling.

I’m from the Netherlands, and I have a website called that also provides information about leadership and personal growth.

I am dedicated to empowering new leaders by providing them with comprehensive information, insights, and guidance.

My blog posts provide valuable information and tips, while my videos offer a deeper look into the qualities and characteristics of effective leadership.

Join me on this journey to become the best leader you can be!

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