True leadership is about who you are

My name is Christine Vanderpol

Last year (2022) I kind of retired. Kind of, because I still like to be active and share my knowledge with the people I still coach, and with the readers of this website.

I have my own company, called Ducator. I was an interim director. As a coaching- and transformational leader, I have the ability to motivate and inspire others.

I was a results-oriented leader with a large network. My strength was my ability to confidently implement new processes. Furthermore, I was aware of my temporary role, and I used to lay a solid foundation for my successor to build on.

At this moment, I still coach and mentor educational leaders. One of my specialties is “leading with trust and confidence,” which means having faith in yourself and the people you lead. As the principal of different schools, I was involved in the development and implementation of a clear and widely accepted educational vision. In addition, I was in charge of developing a comprehensive school and I created a school support team for the region.

As a training consultant, I was in charge of developing and implementing organizational changes. 

My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in education, as well as postgraduate degrees in the fields of training consultancy, coaching and leadership. In addition, I have taken several courses in the areas of change management, adaptive and transformational leadership, project management, and more.